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01-02-03-04/12/17 - Sunderland, UK & Dundee, UK & Dublin & Montreal

We woke up super early. Like 7am. So it was a short night. I wanted to get to Sunderland as soon as possible to get to our hotel rooms for check-ins (at 3pm) in order to sleep in a bed before going to the venue. Yes, 25 days on the road and tonight was gonna be the first night in an actual hotel. Everybody told us the drive was gonna be painful but it ended up being a pretty easy 6-hour drive. We arrived at the hotel right on time for check-in and we rested for a couple of hours before we went to the venue.

Tonight’s show was organized by Little Rocket Records. Graeme, the wonderful human being behind that label took really good care of us. We were the last band to play and we had to hurry up to play our songs because there was a curfew. We had a surprise for Graeme: we learned a Medictation song and played it for the first time there. Graeme plays in that band and we got asked by one of his friend to do so. I think it went pretty well considering the fact we never played the song all together. After the show, we went directly to the hotel because the next morning was gonna be an early call again.

The 24th and last show of this tour was going to be in Dundee, Scotland, at a punk DIY festival called “Book Yer Ane Fest”. Empty Lungs and Lost Love were the two first bands to play in the afternoon so we didn’t know what to expect but it ended being a really great show! A lot of people showed up early to catch our sets.

After the show, it was time to get back home. It was around 5pm when we left the venue. We stopped for one last fish and chips and I drove 2 hours or so to Edinburgh, where we would kill some time at Conor’s brother’s place. We stayed there for 4 hours and then, we dropped Dave @ the airport in Edinburgh around 2 am. I drove again for 3 hours to get to the ferry that would get us to Ireland. It was around 5 am when we said goodbye to Conor. He had to drop the van somewhere else in England so he still had a good drive to do. We got on the ferry and when we arrived to Belfast, around 8:30am, we said goodbye to Mark and Kevin, and said hello to Billy. Billy is Empty Lungs’ friend who drove us to Dublin. We arrived at Dublin’s airport at 10am and our plane departed at 1pm. Finally, 20 hours after leaving Dundee, we were getting on our plane. We flew to Toronto first (8-hour flight).

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