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07/11/17 & 08/11/17 - Dublin, IRL

Once again, I’m trying to write a tour blog. It’s pretty hard to write when I’m on tour because I feel very busy and when I’m not, I try to relax to compensate for all the hectic moments. However, I’ve recently read Seth Anderson’s tour diaries and I feel like it’s something I somehow need to do again, but without writing one blog entry every day maybe?

Day 1 of every tour is always weird. Total mixed feelings: excited to leave, but also, bummed to leave my girlfriend and dog and comfort at home. The greatest cure to that is to just think of all the places you’re gonna go and how amazing this is: with some friends, a few years ago, we started a band, wrote some songs, recorded some albums, toured a lot all over the world and now, we have the chance to go to Europe, again, and to the UK for the first time.

I’m pretty stoked to go to a lot of new places like Ireland/Scotland/England and to get to play more cities in Germany. Europe is always a good time when you’re in a band. However, we’ve been told the UK is not as good as the rest of Europe in terms of hospitality/crowd, but because we’re doing that tour with Empty Lungs (a band from Belfast), we should be good.

Anyway, here we are, Oli, Vinny and me, at an Irish pub in Montreal’s airport, because why not start here?! It’s the 2nd tour we’re doing in Europe (3rd for me if you count that acoustic tour I did 5 months ago) and it seems like a ritual to get tequila shots before we leave. So, we’re ordering tequila shots, while Oli and I drink a Guinness (hint: we’re flying to Dublin).

We get on our (very) small plane that will get us to Boston first. Small planes are sketchy. I feel like they’re way more shaky and Vinny hates planes, so that part was “fun”. To top that, the name of the captain was “Captain Bono”. We knew very well this was going to go ”vertigo”. There was a lot of turbulence and the flight took longer than expected, so we missed our connecting flight to Dublin and stayed a few more hours in Boston. Fuck you Bono.

After waiting three hours surrounded by Dunks (short for Dunkin’ Donuts), we boarded our big (legit) green irish plane. You knew this was going to be a good flight because they had Police Academy 5 and It’s Always Sunny In Philly. But moreover, Oli and I took some melatonins to be sure we were gonna get some kind of sleep. And we did. Pretty shitty sleep, but sleep is sleep. Sleep is tight.

Arriving in Dublin, my only concern was to get our luggage since we took a different flight than the one we were supposed to. But hey, we got everything and we were ready to eat something (an “Irish” breakfast) and then we took a cool bus to where we were playing tonight.

We arrived at the venue wayyy too early. Like 11am and the load-in was at 6pm. So, we waited until the bar opened at noon. Eventually, the people from the connected bar next door let us in and we crashed on the ground of the venue for a couple of hours. Small nap. Cold nap. The nice people from that bar were 2 elderly men with thick Irish accents. It was really hard for us to understand so we were saying “thank you” a lot because we really wanted to take that nap and we laughed every time there was something that seemed funny.

Anyway, after that, it was around 3pm. We got up and decided to venture through the city. We started by drinking a Guinness and talk with some locals at the bar upstairs and then we took a bus to get to the Guinness brewery. It took us probably 2 hours to walk around this gigantic tourist trap, but still, it was cool to see all those Guinness attractions.

We got back to the venue, ate some fishNchips, and we finally met up with Dave (4th Lost Love member) and with Empty Lungs (our tourmates from Belfast). We also met the local band we were playing with (Chewing on Tinfoil), very cool/nice band. Check them out. I set up the merch with Vinny’s help and we prepared for the show. Empty Lungs were up first to a shy, but kinda crowded room. We gave them some of that Maple Whiskey before they played: a very canadian gift. I think we’re all best friends now.

Our set was very cool considering the lack of sleep, the jet lag and the fact that we were playing on new gear. We played in front of 100 quiet/shy people, which is phenomenal for any “underground” band playing a new place for the first time. Thanks to Chewing on Tinfoil for that. All those people ended up being there for their set. After a pretty good first show in Ireland, we packed the van and we drove (2 hours) to get to Belfast to sleep at Conor’s place (bassist of Empty Lungs).

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