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11/11/17 & 12/11/17 - Northallerton, UK & Bristol, UK

Woooo. That deep fried pizza was a BAD idea. I feel like shit today. We went to some kind of coffee shop, just like Tim Hortons, and after that we went to some kind of big castle. It’s funny because I went to Edinburgh with my parents 15 years ago, but I don’t remember much so I have probably already visited that big castle but I don’t remember it.

We got on the road to Northallerton quickly after. Some people around told us they’ve never heard of that town so it was either going to be a really good or a really bad show. The road was pretty nice. We drove right by the North Sea and it was stunning.

We arrived at the venue around 5:30pm. One of the bad side of touring at this time of the year is that we arrive most of the time after dark in the cities. The room where we were playing looked cool. The playlist was fantastic. Only « classic » punk songs from the 90’s/early 2000’s. A part of me thought it was funny.

We went down for some food in some creepy small street ala Harry Potter. I got myself some pretty bad chow mein and went back to the venue. Everybody was pretty bored/sober because we knew the upcoming day would be a long day. Two local bands were opening and then Empty Lungs played. *Drug Alert* during the second band, some guy offered Oli and me some viagra. He said it would get us HARD. I have no idea why you would offer viagra to some guys on tour, but the guy was nice nonetheless. Needless to say that we declined his offer.

Empty Lungs got to play in front of a decent crowd of people who didn’t seem to care. We played in front of less people that didm’t seem to care either. There were 2 older punks in front that were dancing. One of them had a list of punk bands tattooed on his arm. I thought that was the kind of tattoo idea I had when I was 12. I’m glad I don’t have « Thrice » and « Bouncing Souls » written on me forever now.

The true party was actually happening in the backstage room (read: the kitchen), where all the local people have seemed to hide to do (actual) drug during our set. The most fun part was probably at the end of our set, when a lot of people got in front of the stage and a lot of people were dancing in front of us (probably the drug kicking in?). Don’t get me wrong, that was really cool. They asked for an encore and they wouldn’t let us leave the stage so we played a couple more songs.

After the show, we had to split because there wasn’t enough room for the 7 of us at one place so Lost Love went to Simon’s place. We had a good laugh with this lad. Here’s 3 things I want to remember from that moment: 1- you CANT buy stuff on netflix 2- « dont you know me Simon » was a funny thing Vinny said at some point 3- « Yoda13 » is not his computer’s password.

I woke up the next day on the comfortable floor of his living room. It was freezing, as usual. People don’t warm their houses here either apparently. It was a rough morning for everyone because we went to bed pretty late and we were back in the van at 7:30am to drive to Bristol. Thanks to Conor for being such a good driver. We were playing an afternoon show in a really great venue called Exchange. There was a record store upstairs, which was in my opinion, the best record store in the world because I wanted to buy all of their records. The venue was downstairs with a coffee shop. Playing an afternoon show is not really easy. Especially when it’s more like a morning show because it’s 9am in Montreal. Anyway. The show was not very well attended, we started playing in front of 5 people and ended up playing in front of maybe 15. It was a last minute show and we got a little bit of money so it was alright. After the show, we directly hit the road to get to Namur in Belgium as soon as possible.

After the ferry, I’ve got to drive for 2 hours on the RIGHT side of the street. It was still confusing to be have the steering on the wrong side. We arrived in Namur around 3:30AM, super tired, and we crashed very quickly.

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