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13/11/17 & 14/11/17 - Namur, BE & Luxembourg, LUX

I woke up around 1:30PM. I had a GREAT night of sleep but I still felt a little bit sick because of the long day we had yesterday. Laurent & Julien let us sleep at their place last year and their spot is probably one of the best place we’ve ever slept at. Really comfortable.

We basically spent the whole day doing NOTHING. Which felt great. When we got to the venue, I got myself one of those cherry beers. Probably one of my favourite beer in the whole world, which is weird because it doesn’t taste beer. The show was not very crowded but a lot of people bought merch and we drank a lot of good beers. The manager/owner of the place gave us so many shots/beers. He was a very nice gentlemen. Eventually, I got too drunk, we went back to Laurent’s place and Vinny and David went out for some epic adventure while I passed out on a mattress.

The next morning (or should I say, the next afternoon), we all didn’t feel too good. I think I might have to pace myself because I won’t be able to make it to the end of this tour alive! Anyway, we left Namur pretty late and I felt like a towel. We arrived in Luxembourg around 5pm. Last time we played there, it was a pretty good turnout, but we were playing on a really good lineup. I’m really amazed by the trilinguism of this country/city. The promoter, Pascal, is fluent in 5 languages. That makes me feel dumb to only know 2 languages. I should learn another one someday.

Anyway, the show was not very well attended, but there’s not much expectation on a Tuesday night on tour. Maybe 20 people in a small room. Which looked good enough to me. We ate some good pizza (2 nights in a row eating pizza, living the dream right?) and after the show we went to the soundman’s place, which was a 20 minute drive from the venue. His crib was awesome. We all had beds. Folks… we all had BEDS. Do I miss my bed at this point? The answer is: does a bear shit in the woods?

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