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15/11/17 & 16/11/17 - Hamburg, DE & Hannover, DE

Our host cooked us some breakfast and he said “how can you conquer the wold on croissants?!” I will give you a couple of minutes to think about that. We woke up pretty early because the road to Hamburg was pretty long. My blog entries seem to be smaller now. That’s probably because we have less time off. Or maybe I’m tired of writing. To be honest, once you’re settled in a tour routine, every day is pretty much the same. However, today was different (not really), we were going to Germany!

The road was long but Conor and I split the drive. We stopped to eat in a McDonald’s. I got myself a veggie burger. McDonald’s should consider having veggie burgers everywhere because they’re great.

We arrived in Hamburg an hour before load-in so we parked the van and we walked in the streets of St-Pauli (the “cool”/red district kind of neighbourhood here). Hamburg seemed like a way nicer place than when I went a few months ago for an acoustic show. I was probably too tired last time because it was the end of my acoustic tour and I didn’t get a lot of free time in the city. Anyway, I bought a St-Pauli t-shirt so I guess I gotta start watching soccer.

We loaded-in the Gun Club, a 80-cap venue where the manager/owner, Mike, welcomed us into in his nice dive bar. The promoter, Stefan, arrived shortly after. He was the one who booked my acoustic show last time. I played on his festival called “Booze Cruise Fest”. The “scene” around here seems to be cool from what I’ve seen so far. We went for some kebab because, it’s a traditional german dish (riiight?). We then went to another bigger venue to meet with Empty Lungs’ friends who were playing to a 800-cap venue. The contrast was cool. We didn’t get in and we didn’t stay too long because we had to get back to our venue to start our show (which was set to start at 10pm). Empty Lungs went on first. We played right after. I felt like the crowd had a good reaction to our songs. It was really hard to sing because people were smoking in the bar and in order to sing, I need to breath air. Breathing air is the best.

After the show, we played soccer table with Mike. Europeans are usually killing it at this game. Mike wasn’t an exception to that stereotype. Right before we left the venue, Mike gave us two whole bottles of Honey Jack Daniel. Lovely gentleman. We went to Stefan’s place to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up to a bad news: Mykey, Empty Lungs’ drummer, had to leave the tour for personal reasons. It was a bummer because Mikey was a nice lad. Empty Lungs should come out with some kind of plan B soon. We ate kebab for breakfast, and then we headed to Hannover. The road was probably 2 hours so it wasn’t too bad. When we arrived to Monster Records, the venue, I checked their records and I wanted to buy 80% of what they had. We went for a walk before loading-in because Vinny always wants to get a magnet of the places we’re going. I got myself a mint tea in some hipster coffee shop and I went back to the venue. My mint tea was basically hot water with mint leaves inside. It was meh. Walking in the cities we’re playing in before the show is something I enjoy more now. It’s cool to visit the city but it’s also very enjoyable to walk because otherwise, we don’t get to walk that often.

30 minutes before the show, the venue was empty. I kind of felt like it was going to be a shit-show. The owner of the record store was super nice though, so either way, we were going to have a good time. Kevin opened the show with a solo set and we played right after. It amazes me that 30ish people showed up to that show. No one knew us before that show and people still came out. Anyway, it ended being one of the best show of the tour!

After the show, we went to our sleeping spot, ate a kebab, listened to shitty music and went to sleep.

Dave on a Rock (Belgium)

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