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17/11/17 & 18/11/17 - Wermelskirchen, DE & Wiesbaden, DE

Yeah!! Germany is great. The only thing that sucks is having to pay 0.50€ to go to the bathroom in gas stations. The rest is great! Today, we’re going to Wermelskirchen (not sure I’m writing this right, I’m sure I’m pronouncing it wrong).

We arrived at the venue a couple of hours before load-in. I gotta say… this is probably the best venue I’ve ever seen ever. On every aspect. It’s basically heaven for every touring band. The list of reasons why would be too long, so I just won’t do it. But mannnnnnnn, it was perfect.

I got to practice a song on drums with Empty Lungs and Vinny practice 2. Empty Lungs opened the show in front of 60-70 people! Good crowd! Vinny and I got to play our songs on drums and it was very fun. I didnt fuck it up so it felt good. I never thought I’d play drum even for one song in front of people for some Irish band. I never thought I’d play drum in a band at all.

Anyway, after that we got to play one of my favourite show so far on this tour. A crowded place with a lot or people NOT standing still is very satisfying. We sold a lot of merch and everyone was really nice, even that drunk guy who fell off his chair and spilled his beer 20 times on our merch.we were sleeping in rooms with beds upstairs so I tried to go to sleep early but I couldn’t fall asleep.

The next morning, we had to wake up early to pick up Mark, fill-in drummer for Empty Lungs. So we arrived in Wiesbaden very early. The people there let us in and I took a nap that made me feel better. I didn’t feel so good that day, probably the beginning of a cold. So for Wiesbaden, I decided to chug as much water as possible and to not drink alcohol. Kreativfabrik is a venue I’m familiar with because I played an acoustic show there last June. I remember that the place was very nice and so was the promoter/people working there. They cooked some really great vegan burgers this time.

A local-ish band opened the night and we were on after. I had the lights right in my eyes so I didn’t see if there was anyone but when I covered the light with my hand, I realized we were playing to a decent crowd! Empty Lungs played after with their new drummer and it went really well. After the show, we crashed kind of early because the road to Prague was gonna be long. Again this time, we had beds upstairs. Those are the best venue because you don’t have to drive AND you can go to sleep whenever you want. Very cool.

Dave on Rock (Hamburg, DE)

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