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19/11/17 & 20/11/17 - Prague, CZ & Vienna, AS

We woke up in Wiesbaden and we left to get to Prague. The drive was supposed to be a 5-hour drive so I started to drive. At some point, we almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. It was terrifyingly cool (because we didn’t run out of gas). At the same moment we started seeing snow on the side of the road and it felt a little bit like home.

We arrived in Prague and the subway was closed and we didn’t have enough time to go downtown so we stayed in the venue, which was Cafe Na Pul Cesty. It’s a venue we played last year during the summer. I gotta say that this place looked way more beautiful in the summer. It’s basically a coffee shop in the middle of a big park. Not downtown. The turnout was alright and people were nice but we almost didn’t make any money because Czech currency is not worth a lot. We drank a lot of cheap beers and cheap jagger bombs though.

After the show, we drove 30 minutes to Milan’s place (the promoter) and we went to bed early because we wanted to visit Prague the next morning.

We visited Prague, drank some hot wine and saw some nice buildings. I’m a little late on the blog game, so I’m going to summarize that day very quickly: Graz was one of the best show, everyone was so cool and it felt good to play Sub again. I drank a couple of Club Mate and we ate some really good food prepared by Dani, the promoter. Oli put his face on fire also but that’s a story I can’t tell. Just because I don’t understand what happened.

The road is pretty long these days.

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