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21.02.19 - Back from Hawaii, future tour plans

Mis à jour : 12 juil. 2019

Alright, I've been back from Hawaii for now 2 weeks and I totally forgot to update this. Hawaii was great. It was the perfect mix between a small tour and some vacation. Thanks to Dallas, Seth, Drake and Willem for making this trip really rad. I'll be back some day for sure.

I'm currently working on the booking of some tours for 2019. Here's what I'll be doing: May - Quebec/Ontario (solo tour) June - Europe tour (solo tour) - including Spain and Portugal (which are countries I've never played shows in!)

July - Europe tour (with Lost Love) October - Florida, maybe?

I feel very busy. I have a master thesis to write. And a first solo full-length maybe? Stay tuned.

PS: next solo show is on March 10th @ Nobody's Darling with the wonderful MIKE FRAZIER and VANWHO. It's going to be fun. I'll be playing more and more new songs.

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