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21/11/17 & 22/11/17 - Munich, DE & Freiburg, DE

So, we were supposed to have a day off but our new bud Cory Call told us to come and play his practice space in Munich. We didn’t expect anything and we ended up having a blast. Again, the road was long. I think that those vans are not ergonomic for our Canadian bodies. Anyway, we arrived too early at the practice space so we went to a nice Vietnamese restaurant. It felt so good to stop, sit and eat in a restaurant.

Cory plays in a band called Arliss Nancy and he’s from Colorado but he just moved in Munich 6 days ago to live with his wife. He also has a band with his wife called Dollars for Deadbeat. One of the first thing he told me was that he thought he invited too many people and I thought it was a lovely problem. He opened for the show with another American pal who lives in Munich and the practice room was packed. Probably 35 people in a very small room. It felt great. Empty lungs played after and we got to play last. I got to say: Munich was probably one of the best show/ most surprising one.

After the show, we drove to Matty’s place. Some guy who couldn’t come to the show because he was working. It turned out he lives in a big house right next to a jail so our van was definitely safe. Right? Right. We got some burger kings to knock ourselves to sleep. However, Mark, drummer of Empty Lungs, was wasted and he kept me up until 4am because he was looking for his cigarettes or his phone. What a sack of shit. (Ps: we use « sack of shit » on this tour as a friendly nickname)

The next morning, I played NHL ‘17 on PS4 and it made me wanna get a new gaming console. We took the road to Freiburg and we stopped after an hour to eat… Burger King! No wonder why I feel like shit now. But hey, I had the veggie burger which was very good and felt less greasy than what Mark ordered. The cashier was not very good in English so Mark just said « yes » to all his questions. One of the question was probably: « do you want 4 patties inside that burger, you sack of shit ? ».

We arrived at KTS 2 hours too late. Which is not a big deal because the show was starting in 2 hours. It would’ve been a huge case of hurry up and wait. Laurin, the gentleman who booked our tour, but also, this show in Freiburg, was there when we arrived. For a Wednesday night, the show was really good! I think that we’re on a streak of very good show. Let’s keep it that way maybe? Like I said on Facebook, people lifted me up in the air during our last song. That felt weird because I’m way too fat for that kind of thing. After the show, we went upstairs in the dorm room we had and Vinny started screaming like Bill Burr and we laughed our asses off for a little while. Then, I went to sleep.

Good night of sleep 🙌

Dave on a Rock (Graz, Austria)

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