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23/11/17 & 24/11/17 - Salavaux, CH & Lyon, FR

I’ve been busy these two days so let’s make it quick. Salavaux was awesome. We played this place called “Le Trou” in the middle of nowhere, Switzerland. It’s a house show and it was my third time there already. Ricklette, the guy in charge of the shows there is a sweetheart. In my top 10 of “Best People in Europe”. He even prepared some swiss fondue for us! It was sooooo good. Our show went well and we had a lot of time to rest.

(We’re running low on merch! Yeah!!)

Last time I was in Lyon, I got my stuff stolen so I was not necessarly looking forward to come back. However, the asso in charge of the show is filled with nice people that I was looking forward to meet again. The show was alright. Maybe 15-20 people but we can’t complain. We’ve had GREAT shows since Graz so it was bound to happen. And the show was not terrible. So far on this tour we’ve had no terrible show. *Knock on wood*

Dave on a rock, on a rock, on a rock, on a rock (Somewhere in Germany)

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