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25-26-27-28/11/17 - St-Etienne - Marseille - Paris

I woke up kind of late in Lyon. The guys wanted to go out on a walk and I didn’t feel like doing anything so I stayed with Alexis (wrong spelling) and Camille (right spelling), my two Lyon’s pals. We played some video games and I gotta say it was a pretty cool afternoon. We left Lyon around 4:20. We didn’t know what to expect from St-Etienne. It was kind of a last minute show that I booked. The promoter reached me through the page of his bar on Facebook and I didn’t have a lot of info. We arrived there and he didn’t have mics/mic stands but he eventually found some. The bar was cool and I could totally feel the «  little French town » vibe. #simon?

Anyway, we had everything to play a show, but I wasn’t sure people were gonna show up. Like most of the shows on this tour, there was no local band. The promoter/owner/manager of the bar let me taste all the different kind of pastis he had. What an awful drink. I hate it even if my that’s something my parents love. Never understood that even though I’m trying real hard.

I say « anyway » too often. Anyway… we ended up playing a cool show for like 25-30 people! The place looked packed! So it was good enough for us. After the show, i drank a little bit with the locals. It was fun. We were able to sleep in the owner’s appartment upstairs which ended up being super useful!

The next morning we left for Marseille. We met Mik, a nice punk from St-Etienne. He said he knows everyone in Marseille and he wanted us to tell hi to everyone for him.

Marseille has the smallest streets. It was a pain in the arse to drive to the venue with the van. I’m glad Connor did it though, I would’ve crashed the van. We walked a little bit near the harbour before going to the venue to get a Marseille magnet.

When we arrived at the venue, Jeff from Water Mane was there. Clement from Water Mane arrived later. It was good seeing them again. We already toured twice with Water Mane, so we know those guys pretty well now. Overall, it was a fun night. A lot of people showed up for a Sunday night. After the show, I ate a « French Taco » and it’s probably the thing I regret the most in this entire tour. Nasty food.

We slept at Jeff’s place that night. Oh and also, Empty Lungs had forgotten their merch in St-Etienne so the day after we drove back there to get there merch back. Day #21 was a painful one. First and only day off of this tour, but we had to drive from Marseille to Paris. Let’s just say that after 10-12 hours on the road, we were really glad to be in Paris. We met Till (The president of punk-rock in France) at a show he was organizing for Forest Pooky and my friend Seth Anderson. It was good seeing him on this continent! His tour seems to be going very well here also. After the show, we went to a punk bar not too far away and here’s a picture of that:

The next day, we were already in Paris, so we just chilled during the after noon at Till’s place. Doing nothing feels so good sometimes. We left his place around 5pm and arrived at the venue around 6:30 (fuck Paris traffic). La Mecanique Ondulatoire is a super cool venue. It basically looks like all the French venues (in a humid basement with an arched ceiling, made out of 1000 years old rocks). However, compared to the other venues like this, La Meca is much bigger and probably has a 100-150 capacity. Till made some awesome food (like, some kinds of spreads) and I really need to make myself the same thing when I get home.

Anyway, Empty Lungs started and we played right after. It was the best show of the tour in my opinion. A lot of people + we were great! We got to see our ex-tourmates Maladroit played right after us. After the show, some classy French man named Thomas paid 100 shots of Tequila. It’s starting to smell the end of the tour.

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