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29/11/17 & 30/11/17 - London, UK & Exeter, UK

I woke up from a short night of sleep and I started to drive towards Calais, where we would take the euro-tunnel to get back to the UK. It was a pretty interesting moment. I slept through the whole tunnel (30 minutes). You basically drive your vehicule on a train, and it’s the train that moves. Pretty scary concept.

We arrived at the venue in London a bit too early. The venue was situated in New Cross, which is not at all near the city center. So we didn’t get to do the touristy schizle. Oli, the promoter, said that 25 tickets had been sold in presale, which is REALLY good in my opinion. People don’t usually buy pre-sale tickets for small shows. Empty Lungs started the show and they played in front of a thin/shy crowd. We got very lucky and played right after in front of more people! A lot of people bought merch, which is apparently not a common thing around here. After us, two local bands played. I drank a couple of mojitos and I tried playing trombone. After the show, we drove 45 minutes to get to North London where we slept. Kev knew someone that lived there so we went. The house was great and our host even managed to prepare some food for us. It was great.

Welcome back to the UK, the place where people don’t heat their houses! I woke up and I was a little cold because of that. We had to go to Exeter today, which is a city I only know because Frank Turner mentioned it in a song. On our way to Exeter, we stopped at Stonehenge. It was cool seeing those rocks, but I’m really glad we didn’t pay 17£ to get closer to the rocks. Tourist scam.

We arrived in Exeter a little before the load-in tine so the venue was not opened yet. It was in a small street with a Harry Potter themed bar not too far. The venue was providing some snacks, some beers and soup! Which is fantastic in the UK. Tonight, we’re playing with Flatfoot 56, a Celtic punk band from Chicago. Two members from that band play in another band with whom we played with in 2014 in Chicago so it was cool seeing those guys again. Also, very funny to see our irish tour mates listen to Celtic music made by Americans. The show was alright. There were a few koo-koos dancing in front of the stage. The sound on the stage was awful.

After the show, we drove to Empty Lung’s friends’ place, where we slept on some cold floor. I’m thinking this must be the last kitchen floor I’ll be sleeping on until 2018.

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